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angels and aliens


The Truth Is Out There

Since the beginning of time and probably before, we have been visited by otherworldly entities. What and who are they? Whether they arrived in advanced aircraft or teleported directly into our living spaces, they have made themselves known at times of both personal and cultural significance. We have called them many names and every culture around the world references some versions of them.

With this exhibition, we are going to explore the many faces of these creatures and give the incredible variety of their existence life. Perhaps among all of the images in this exhibition, we will see that the truth is out there.

Accepting submissions for 2D work in all media.

Important Dates:

Submissions due: February 3rd

Notification emails: February 6th

Receipt of Artwork: February 19th

Show opening: March 1st

Show closing: April 13th

Please fill out the Submission Form HERE.

I look forward to reviewing your work. Thank you for your creativity.

Krisztina Lazar