The Alembic

Art by Jetter Green

Saturday, October 14, 9:00am – 6:00pm
Berkeley Alembic, 2820 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA

Early Bird (until September 23): $75
Regular price: $125
At the door: $175

Scholarships available for volunteers.

The Consciousness Hacking Alembic Summit is a one-day event that concentrates on four modes of influencing consciousness—meditation, psychedelics, dreamwork, and breathwork. The Summit will highlight technologies and modern practices that marry science and engineering with exploration of the mind. The day will consist of insightful presentations, demos of emerging consciousness gear, group practices, and ample opportunity for community building. This event will bring together people with a wide number of backgrounds, from developers who work for well-funded corporate or educational organizations to scrappy, DIY makers to psychonauts of both inner and digital space.

The Consciousness Hacking Alembic Summit features


Join leaders in the field as they reflect on the relationship between technology and consciousness and offer insights into how humanity will continue to evolve alongside these tools.

We’ll be joined by neuroscientist and inventor Adam Gazzaley, Consciousness Hacking founder Mikey Siegel, neuroscientist and professor Bashar Badran, and more.


Experience consciousness technologies in various stages of development, from market-ready products that use approaches like EEG, tDCS, VR, and biofeedback to early-stage prototypes seeking user feedback.

Get hands-on Zendo, a tDCS-enhanced meditation tool, Neurosity,a commercially available EEG crown, Flowtime, a meditation headset and smart cushion, Jhourney, a tool that leverages neuro biofeedback to help meditators access the jhanas, and more!


Engage in group experiences that shift your perspective and alter your state. Through hands-on play with wearable devices, we’ll explore how our bodies and minds respond to tuneable tech.

Experiences include: holotropic breathwork guided by Stacia Butterfield, meditation enhanced by transcranical direct current stimulation (tDCS) with Zendo headbands, and yoga nidra exercises guided by Jennifer Dumpert, author of Liminal Dreaming.

Community Building

Connect with like-minded makers, artists, and thinkers who share a passion for the exploration and expansion of consciousness. Grow your community through breakout groups, a Meet the Makers event, and the all-day social spaces of the Alembic’s tea room and outdoor patio.

If you’re a maker, artist, or thinker who would like to present your work, either completed or work-in-progress at any state, or if you’d like to lead a discussion group about a relevant topic Contact Us!

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll announce additions to our agenda. Sign up for weekly updates.

Registration is Open

Early Bird (until September 23): $75
Regular price: $125
At the door: $175

Scholarships available for volunteers.

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