The Alembic

Volunteer with Alembic

Usually, helping people out with their spiritual journeys is a bit of a hassle. But not always. For example, you could volunteer at the Alembic, and become a heroic soldier of the neo-dharma, helping to maintain a modern crucible for spiritual transformation. In exchange for a smallish amount of your menial service, the space will remain clean and welcoming, and you’ll get to hang out with cool teachers, cool Alembic people, and anyone else who washes up on our shores.

Also, we run volunteer only events sometimes, so you get to be part of an exclusive club––but it’s a good kind of exclusive club, not the kind that hatches world-destroying conspiracies. 

There are volunteer opportunities available for all levels of extroversion. Some of our volunteers host events. Others scheme quietly in the dark and avoid eye contact. Choose your own adventure!

And, of course, volunteers are not expected to donate to events they’re volunteers at. That would be silly, and we are never silly.

If you want to join the volunteer community, fill out this form