The Alembic

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If you currently have any symptoms of Covid or another illness, or have had direct exposure to someone who is sick, please stay at home.

Meditation Event Descriptions:

Releasing into Presence: Meditation, Mantra & Movement with Lopön Chandra Easton meets on Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm PT. Open to all in person and streaming on The Alembic YouTube channel. In this class, we’ll experience the benefits that meditation, mantra, and movement have to offer our body, mind, and soul. Classes will be relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun, enhanced by community and collective practice. Weaving together mystical stories, meditations, mantra, movement and singing chants, Chandra offers practices that facilitate releasing into presence with ease and comfort.  All are welcome.

Deconstructing Yourself is a weekly drop-in guided meditation (approximately one hour) plus Q & A with Berkeley Alembic founding teacher Michael Taft. Deconstructing Yourself is all about sharing the life-changing force that is meditation. Michael strives to encourage, inform, and inspire your meditation practice towards ongoing awakening. Be prepared for deep, restful, sometimes challenging, and always surprising meditations outside of any particular practice tradition. Meditations are livestreamed and archived on YouTube.

The Dharmanaut Circle is a monthly online gathering devoted to awakening in dizzying times. Previously known as the San Francisco Psychedelic Sangha, the Circle is a safe and supportive place to explore and discuss experimental and heart-felt approaches to meditation, sensory awareness, psychedelics, art, and other visionary states of consciousness. Each Circle begins with a talk and guided meditation from Berkeley Alembic founding teacher Erik Davis, and concludes with a healthy group conversation (which we will not record). For more details, see the Eventbrite profile or watch meditations in the archive on YouTube

In Death Sangha with Michael Taft, we meet to honor the fact of Death, to face our own and others’ mortality in a clear, unsullied, fierce, humble, and gracious manner. In Death Sangha we will play with the fantasies of both eternalism and nihilism, and experiment with the awakening that lies beyond both. We will confront experiences such as Cosmic Horror, Cosmic Shame, and Total Meaninglessness. We will also engage with the mythological, occult, psychological, historical, and phenomenological aspects of this most important topic. And of course we will do plenty of meditation. The Death Sangha community also maintains an active discussion on discord.