The Alembic

Alembic Events and Private Rentals

The Alembic is a nonprofit bodymind center committed to experiments in transformation. Drawing from ancient traditions and contemporary protocols, the space offers a wide range of skillful means for exploring, integrating, and transforming our felt engagement with the world and the mystery of our own consciousness. You can think of the Alembic as an awareness gym, or a metamodern mutation lab, or a transformational festival without the dust.

How to Propose an Event

Does that sound like it’s aligned with an event or class you want to host? Then please submit an event proposal, we’d love to hear from you.  Alembic events are open to the wider Alembic community and shared in our newsletter. If you’d prefer a more private event, see the rental inquiry form, below.

To get an idea of what we’re hosting right now, you can find a list of our current classes and events on our public calendar. But keep in mind that if it’s not exactly like anything we’re hosting right now, that is probably good. We want variety! We’re a pluralistic place, interested in integrating strands from any tradition worth exploring, from modern movement modalities to shamanic revivalism. 

However, to maintain the quality of our events, we’re intentionally growing our list of offerings slowly and mindfully, not only considering each event on its own, but considering how it will fit into the whole. So we can’t work with everyone who reaches out, although we deeply appreciate your interest. 

Also, it will be much easier for us to evaluate your event if you communicate your idea as clearly as possible. If you’re doing “Bodies in Motion at the End of Time,” super cool, but if you don’t tell us whether it’s a meditation course, or a talk, or an art class, we won’t know whether it’s the right fit. Tell us about some of the physical attributes of the situation: who, specifically, will be doing what, specifically.

How to Request a Private Rental

Also! We’re not just for shamans, people also rent the Alembic for parties, weddings, and other human activities. If you would like to rent space at The Alembic for a private event (one that is not advertised on our events calendar) make a request by filling out our Rental Request Form. We’ll review your request and get back to you as soon as we can. See here for more information on the features and rental rates for Alembic rooms. 

Note that our rental availability fills up fast, we’re usually booked out several months in advance. If you’re thinking about a rental, submit your request as soon as possible, and please provide us with multiple date options!